Whale Watching

Kiama is an excellent place to watch whales. In fact, it's one of the best spots in the state of New South Wales to do so. Why? Well, this coastal town is home to the world’s first whale watching tower and pier, both situated at the southern end of town. From these locations whales are visible from land making them easier to see. It’s a whale of a holiday experience and I know they are out there. On the eastern side of South Coast in NSW, along the edge of Kiama there is an opportunity to see whales and we need to take advantage of them while they are here. Look for humpback whales migrating north from May to July, or heading south with their calves from September to November. At Shutters, being on the Coastal Walk, the whales are right there just off the cliff tops out the front of the property! So as you are on your walk, listen out for a splash and keep your eye on the ocean.

Wiinter in Kiama

A stunning seaside town that offers something for everyone, Kiama has something for every season. With a range of activities and attractions, there's something for you whether you're looking to explore the region on foot or are after some relaxation along the ocean.